Meet Jordan, Your Personal Wedding and Elopement Planner


Owner & Creative Director

I could tell you my life story, but truth be told I just feel lucky enough to help others with their special moments. I love my job and am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I've been given along the way. 

It all started when I was young.  I saw pictures of beautiful brides extravagant ballrooms, and  over-the-top birthday parties; creating joy from the simplest of  gatherings, to the grandest of happenings, I dreamed of making faces light up. That dream was put on hold when I began nursing school. However, I soon found myself distracted in class fantasizing about wedding planning. I realized I was meant for a different path and changed my degree to Public Relations at Gonzaga University.​

It was at that time I met event planner Lorell David, who graciously took me under her wing. I began assisting with weddings and events and have since been involved with over 40 weddings 

around Alaska. This experience I gained was invaluable and at age 20 I decided to focus all my efforts on starting the best wedding and event coordinating business possible. I conducted research on wedding trends in Europe and interned with the wedding and events department at the five star resort Alila Villas in Bali, Indonesia. 

I am outgoing, creative, curious, and I enjoy a challenge. My focus on creating a relationship with each client allows me to understand exactly what their end goal looks like. My success is built off trust which is essential for every event. 

My passion for travel continues to inspire my work. Having lived in South America, as well as studied in Spain and Bali I have returned home with more inspiration than ever. The culture, exquisiteness, and architecture broaden my creativity, potential, and perspectives. Not only do I bring home memories, but also a new area of innovative design.


Special moments deserve special attention and thats where I come into play. Hosting a wedding or elopement takes an enormous amount of effort and is highly stressful leaving you with little time to relax and enjoy. Whatever your dream may be, big or small I want to work with you!